Ghrelin (rat) peptide

Name Ghrelin (rat)
3-letter-code Gly - Ser - Ser(n - Octanoyl) - Phe - Leu - Ser - Pro - Glu - His - Gln - Lys - Ala - Gln - Gln - Arg - Lys - Glu - Ser - Lys - Lys - Pro - Pro - Ala - Lys - Leu - Gln - Pro - Arg
Molecular weight 3314.84
Counter ion TFA
Solubilization Soluble in pure water.
Description The growth hormone releasing peptide Ghrelin (rat) corresponds to aa 24-51 of the 117 amino acid Ghrelin (rat) precursor.
References C Dornonville de la Cour, A Lindqvist, E Egecioglu, Y C L Tung, V Surve, C Ohlsson, J-O Jansson, C Erlanson-Albertsson, S L Dickson, R Håkanson. Ghrelin treatment reverses the reduction in weight gain and body fat in gastrectomised mice. Gut 2005 54:907-913.

Finger, Beate C., Timothy G. Dinan, and John F. Cryan. Diet-induced obesity blunts the behavioural effects of ghrelin: studies in a mouse-progressive ratio task. Psychopharmacology 220.1 (2012): 173-181.

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Ghrelin (rat) antibody

Ghrelin (rat) antibody product description

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