Name W-peptide
Sequence WKYMVm-NH2
3-letter-code Trp - Lys - Tyr - Met - Val - d - Met -NH2
C-terminus Amide
Molecular weight 856.12
Counter ion TFA
Description W-peptide is an agonist for Formyl Peptide Receptor-Like 1 (FPRL1).
References A. de Paulis, N. Prevete, I. Fiorentino, A.F. Walls, M. Curto, A. Petraroli, V. Castaldo, P. Ceppa, R. Fiocca, G. Marone. 2004. Basophils Infiltrate Human Gastric Mucosa at Sites of Helicobacter pylori Infection, and Exhibit Chemotaxis in Response to H. pylori-derived Peptide Hp(2-20). Journal of Immunology, 2004, 172: 7734-7743.

C. Lecut, K. Frederix, D. M. Johnson, C. Deroanne, M. Thiry, C. Faccinetto, R. Marée, R. J. Evans, P. G. A. Volders, V. Bours & C. Oury. P2X1 Ion Channels Promote Neutrophil Chemotaxis through Rho Kinase Activation. Journal of Immunology, 2009 vol. 183 no. 4 2801-2809

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